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Here's What Practitioners are Saying:

I had interviewed several business coaches before deciding to work with Patti and I am so happy that I chose her! She understood the unique challenges we face in alternative health and had strategies to overcome them since experiencing many of them herself. Patti gave great perspective and encouragement which helped me to move forward in areas I was otherwise hesitant. I can’t wait until my next session!  

Jennifer Miner CHHP

Coaching with Dr. Patti Bartsch is one of the best investments I have made in quite a while…  

The coaching sessions were practical, on point and with tools to implement right away so you leave feeling empowered to make changes immediately.  

Ideal for both brand new and established wellness businesses, it will shorten the learning curve and set you up with proven systems right out of the gate and give you a fresh perpesctive on your habits and fantastic ideas to streamline your workflow. I highly recommend her course; the online format makes it very convenient and easy to follow. 

Christine Cronin, PhD - Naturopath - Massachusetts  

I’ve had advice given to me from others, and it always seems like the same old same old. Patti’s advice is logical, inspirational and mapped out for me so I do not feel overwhelmed. If you are just starting your business or looking to grow your holistic business and are tired of the same old advice, I encourage you to sign up for Patti’s Wellness Practice GPS program. I only wish I had started Patti’s program a year ago! Brenda M. Tobin-Flood Cert.C.N., Wellness Matters

Hiring Patti was money well spent — I emerged from the process with a clear understanding of how to be more productive in my business. The turn-key program I created can easily be converted to meet the needs of additional markets. I don’t have to reinvent the wheel for every new client. In fact, I no longer spend my days spinning my wheels and swirling in ideas that never materialize.  

Thanks for a great experience Patti! I look forward to your future products and services.  

Rebecca Aldag, MBA, MS, CNS, SFG, - Herbalist, Nutritionist, Wisconsin

Patti is very knowledgeable and experience and presents all the topics in a fun and interesting way. The small-group coaching sessions also provide an excellent opportunity to reach out to and learn from other practitioners in the same boat!  

I will certainly use Patti's coaching programs in the future as I continue to strive to improve my skills, experience and confidence while I expand my own practice.  

Marla Tenney, CNTP, Shakti Whole Health  

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